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“[THROW PILLOWS] and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.”

~Nora Roberts

This quote is actually about love and magic, but, whatever, throw pillows are like magic, too.  They are a cheap and easy way to totally transform your space.  This is why they are like magic; when it comes to upgrading or decorating your home “cheap and easy” is usually not the combination of words used to describe the process.

Cheap and easy = more money (to spend shopping for more stuff) and more time (to spend shopping for more stuff), so I recommend you take full advantage of any such decorating double-threat!  Take a look at this article to see how many different style directions you can take a regular brown sofa using different combinations of throw pillows.  And remember, the best thing about a throw pillow is that once you have it you can continue to dress and undress it with new pillow covers until you are blue (or orange or yellow or grey) in the face.  The color and pattern combinations are endless, which gives you innumerable style possibilities!

Throw pillows do enrich the soul and delight the heart.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these four poppy prints offered by Martha & Ash, my Etsy Find of the Week.

A delightful chevron with some extra flair would make a statement paired with a black and white floral print. 

I’d be so proud to display this peacock beauty on a dainty, lady-like settee or to soften an overly masculine leather Chesterfield sofa.  Not only would this funky Asian design add a pop of interest, but there are so many colors  that you could pull throughout the rest of your space with this pillow as your inspiration.  This ikat stunner would add a touch of global flair to your pillowscape.  Pair it with bold geometric patterns in the same color palette to get a designer look. 

All Photos: Martha & Ash

Combining the right colors and patterns to achieve throw pillow magic on your sofa or window seat takes practice!  Take a look at this article for a few easy rules for mixing and matching!  Above all else, remember the number one rule:  don’t be afraid to mess it up!  You can always buy a pillow cover for your space and if it doesn’t look right just take the sucker back or move it to a different room/sofa/chair!  Stop by Martha & Ash on Etsy for some wonderfully unique textiles to add to your mix!

Happy pillowscaping everyone!