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Surprise!  I’m talking about succulents again!  I can’t help myself.  If you’re a follower of Embrace My Space, you may have seen my little tutorial for making a succulent terrarium or this post about other fun ways to decorate with these prickly little plants.

My Etsy find this week is a piece of art that takes succulents to the next level.  It’s a succulent planter that you can hang on your wall!  Check it out:

Isn’t this piece nuts? It comes to us from Woodward and Day, an Etsy shop owned by David, an exterior designer and blogger hailing from Los Angeles.  If you’re into DIY and have grown up tools like a table saw and a nail gun (I do not), you could take a stab at making one of these lovely creations yourself through the help of David’s post on his blog, Design Revolver.

David made this planter, which is available for purchase at Woodward and Day, using wood he salvaged from an old fence and a custom frame.  It would be a stunning addition to any hip home.  I imagine it hanging in a sun-filled kitchen above a chalkboard to-do list or on a front porch beside stainless steel house numbers.

Whatcha think of this new spin on displaying succulents?  Are any DIY warriors out there going to attempt to make one, or will you instead thank your lucky stars that David was kind enough to share them with us at Woodward and Day?  Tune in next week for my latest Etsy find.