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THE BAR SHELVES ARE IN!  They aren’t filled with booze or barware yet and there are still cords hanging around them from the walls and ceilings, but they look cool nonetheless.  So I’m going to talk about them.  Let’s start at the beginning:  no shelves.     

As you can see from the outside supports and the unpainted line down the center, there were once shelves here.  They were traditional bookshelves that could be adjusted up or down.  Since this is turning into a bar the obvious thing to do is to install a TV.  So we thought up a design for the new shelves that would incorporate a TV.  I sketched out a few different designs on a piece of paper until we came up with this:     

We taped the design up on the wall with blue painter’s tape so that our carpenter could come take the dimensions.  He took the measurements back to his workshop so he could build the shelves in his workshop.  In the mean time, we picked out the perfect teal paint for behind the shelves and painted the wall. 

A few weeks later our carpenter came back to install these beauties!  Just like the bar that I talked about here, the shelves are made of live-edge walnut.  The gorgeous glossy finish on the wood works beautifully with the deep, sophisticated teal we selected for behind the shelving.  The TV fits perfectly in the cubby we designed for it! Whew.      

And did I mention that the FLOOR was installed on Thursday?  It looks awesome.  It looks like hardwood.  It’s not.  The floor is a product called Congoleum Connections, which is a nearly indestructible product that is perfect for a space that is at risk for flooding.  The planks are wide and have so much texture and dimension that it is truly impossible to tell from looking at them that they aren’t wood.

But, back to the shelves.  I can’t wait to style those suckers. We are still a little while away from that step, but you’ll be the first to know when they are looking good!  The next step is the addition of lighting above the bar area, which is really going to highlight the gorgeous depth of the wood.  This was the first time that I ever drew something on a piece of paper that was brought into 3D.  I must say that it is a pretty cool feeling to see your design, no matter how simple it may be, come to life!  I’m such a proud mama!

The furniture and a lot of the other fun soft goods are going to be installed next week.  Stop back again soon to see the progress!