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REMEMBER a while back when I mentioned that I am helping my mother-in-law with a complete basement renovation?  Well, we are making some progress and I wanted to share the new deets with all of you!   In case you haven’t been following along, my overall design for the space was inspired by her new-found love for Marrakech, which she visited on a recent vacay.

The color palette for the space is centered around a beautiful area rug (left) patterned with the Moroccan-inspired colors of greenish turquoise, beige, ivory, bottle green, black and brown.  Moorish details will be incorporated through the use of wrought-iron (right), which is often found in elaborate patterns covering exterior windows in Moroccan homes.

A key element in the space is a bar, the storage for which is going to be built into the space’s existing cabinetry that I antiqued with a rich teal and black finish.  I wanted to do something neato for the bar itself.  We decided upon using a solid piece of live-edge wood, which will add natural texture to the space.  Our carpenter went to a wood auction and picked up this beauty. 

This is a solid ten foot long piece of live-edge walnut.  After a TON of sanding and many layers of wax it turned into this…….

BOOM!  It is rich, sleek and has so much depth.  The live-edge of the wood is visible on both sides of the bar.  Even though it looks rough, the textural edges are seriously smooth due to all of the sanding.  I couldn’t be happier with the way that it turned out!

The space isn’t anywhere near complete (you can see that the ceiling still has holes and the floor is straight up concrete!), but I wanted to share this exciting update with you right away!  If you take a look at the left hand corner of the photo (just below the hole in the ceiling), you’ll get a little sneaky peaky of the wrought iron stair rail with its Moorish detail.

The shelving above those sleek, antiqued cabinets also has been installed so stay tuned for an update on that very soon!