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ETSY IS THE BEST thing that has ever happened to the internet.  Period.  That’s right, I said it.  What, you’re looking for a peacock feather wreath to go on your teal front door?  Oh, yeah, Etsy’s got that.  You need a rustic wooden iPhone dock to match the woodsy decor of your master bedroom?  Coming right up!

Etsy. Has. Everything…you ever wanted and a whole bunch of stuff that you never even KNEW you wanted until Etsy showed you the light.  Take, for example, these gorgeous lion book ends that just made my Monday oh-so-tolerable.

These rock solid beauties are so very necessary.  I mean, come ON!  Just look at them.  Masculine in their lionness and feminine in their gorgeous turquoise patina.  You can use them to prop open your back door, corral your Harry Potter collection or knock out an unwelcome intruder.

The fine folks at jersey ice cream co. on Etsy have included these lovely lions as part of a carefully curated collection of vintage curiosities.  If you love vintage items but don’t have a ton of time to shop flea markets or thrift stores, take a minute to browse jersey ice cream co. to see if what they have going on.  You might find just the right finishing touch for your space.

Do you love these lions as much as I do?  What are you shopping for on Etsy lately?  Tune in next week for another cool Etsy find!