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ALTHOUGH IT’S BEEN A STEAMY HOT SUMMER, today I’m in need of some serious sunshine since it’s been storming here for the past few days!  That said, I think Larry and John’s sunburst front door is the perfect finish to this week full of fantastic front doors

Between electric green, deep-sea teal and zesty orange, we’ve seen some crazy colorful front doors this week.  Although I have a tendency to be hard on the color (or non-color) white, sometimes it is just the ticket!  John and Larry have nailed the look of a white front door, allowing their beautiful beveled glass sunburst window be the shining star of the show!  The golden yellow foyer that peeks through the window entices guests to come have a look at what the rest of this charming home has to offer.

If you’re interested to learn what hides behind John and Larry’s front door, check out their My Houzz tour here:

I hope you all have enjoyed this week full of fantastic front doors and that you’re now inspired to give your facade a little facelift this weekend!  I’d love to see someone tackle a front door project like this daring damask in salmon and white.

Maybe I’ll be able to convince Matt to do this at our next place.  Only time will tell!  Until next time.