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JONATHAN ADLER declares in his book Happy Chic: Colors that orange is the most controversial of colors!  As controversial as it may be, what’s undeniable is that orange packs an unexpected punch that will liven up the simplest of spaces.  With the power to evoke happiness, warmth and positive energy, orange can be mixed and matched with other colors to create retro, modern, preppy or classic spaces.  No doubt that the versatility of this shade is the reason why color authority Pantone chose Tangerine Tango for its 2012 Color of the Year Award.

Now that Pantone has given its blessing to this seemingly untouchable color, I say to you, in the words of the ever witty and color-obsessed design guru Jonathan Adler, “diss orange at your own expense!”  And because this week is an ode to good ol’ curb appeal, now’s the perfect time to take a peek at a home with a bold orange door that is sure to turn some heads around the neighborhood!

Brittany, a friend of Embrace My Space, was gracious enough to share her totally killer front door makeover with us this week.  Brittany recently mustered up the courage to introduce this on trend color to her new build home and, my oh my, did the two become fast friends!  Let’s have a looksie… Once suffering from a case of the beiges, Brittany’s home perked right up after a hefty dose of vitamin C in the form of a few coats of Pumpkin Spice by Better Homes and Gardens.  A zest of orange adds just the right kick to this monochrome facade to give the home a funky, fresh twist without being overpowering.  Bravo Brittany!   Now that we all know how awesome orange can look on the outside, let’s not be afraid to invite orange inside to play.  Just think how much pep you’d have in your step with this interior door to bid you adieu as you head out to conquer the world each day.

Want to give orange a whirl, but afraid to make such a bold committment?  Adding a playful punch to a nursery or playroom in the form of a painted vintage door from a flea market or building material reuse center is a fantastic way to bring orange home in a less-than-permanent way.  Go ahead, go even a little more crazy by using orange chalkboard paint to turn your vintage door into an ever-changing art canvas for you and the kiddos!

Now orange you glad I showed you a few ways to introduce this refreshing, fun color into your space?  What creative ways do you bring orange home other than in your grocery bag?  I’d love to hear all about them!

UPDATE:  Check out this article on Houzz for lots more orange inspiration for your exterior!