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IF YOU READ this past post from Embrace My Space this may not surprise you, but here goes:  I’m a serious hoarder of shelter magazines.This small stack somehow escaped the storage unit where my husband, Matt, and I are currently keeping the majority of our worldly possessions until we are set up in our new digs (more on that story here).  Matt always used to ask me whether I was done with a three-year old magazine or if he could recycle an old edition encrusted with sand and saltwater after a trip to the beach.  Um, areyoukidding?, no.  What if I wanted to go back and look at something later?  I couldn’t just Google it.  This is not Pinterest we’re talking about.  These are real pictures on real paper that I hold in my hand!!!

I tried to appease his urge to purge for a hot minute by tearing pages out of the magazines and organizing them in a binder by space/furniture type/paint color/pattern/accessory.  But that just got a little ridiculous and the binder took up just as much space as the magazines; so back to hoarding I went.  Matt has since stopped asking me whether he can trash my old mags (no! no! a thousand times, no!).

The reason I’m talking about magazines today is because recently I found out that I’m in one.  HGTV’s to be exact.

Recognize that green front door?  Imagine my excitement when I discovered our door featured in the front of HGTV Magazine, sandwiched between two ads for anti-wrinkle cream.  Sigh.  I’m so proud.

At the beginning of the year I entered our front door in HGTV’s Fantastic Front Door Contest on Facebook with the high hopes of winning a $500 American Express Gift Card.  I was contacted about a month ago with the great news that our door was a runner-up in the contest!  When I found out I won only $100 I didn’t care since the editor told me that our door would be featured in the September issue of HGTV Magazine!  BOOM!

Although the magazine doesn’t say this, we actually got third place.  But the prize and the picture size are the same for second and third so no hard feelings here.  In celebration of our former (and now famous) green front door, this week I will be featuring a couple of fantastic front doors from friends of Embrace My Space.  Stay tuned for some more inspiration to spruce up your home’s curb appeal!