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Inscription on the Liberty Bell: “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  There is no better place to celebrate the anniversary of our great country’s independence than in the Birthplace of America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This city is full of National Historic Landmarks, including Elfreth’s Alley, one of the oldest continuously inhabited residential streets in the country, Christ Church, the burial grounds of which includes the tomb of Benjamin Franklin, and Independence Hall (pictured left), where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and where the Liberty Bell was originally housed.  I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend taking an American history lesson from Old City Philadelphia just in time for Independence Day!

One of the places that I visited was the Betsy Ross House, the birthplace of the American flag, where I learned about the historical upholsterer who created this iconic red, white and blue symbol of freedom. There is no known record as to why these colors were chosen for the flag, but in 1782 the Congress of the Confederation chose these colors for the Great Seal of the United States and assigned them the following meanings: white for purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness, and blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

A view of Independence Hall from the National Constitution Center

Red, white and blue doesn’t just look good on Old Glory.  This classic color combination is a no-brainer that can be used to add a dash of patriotic spirit to any space!  Come on now, if it worked for the American flag for over 200 years, it can work for you, too!  At my first place, a sky-high blue and white striped headboard made a big impact and helped to draw the eye up to our teal dentil moulding.  Glossy red upcylced side tables flanking the bed created a fun color story.

Primary colors not your thing?  You can always scale back the bold impact of red or blue by layering in different shades from the same color family.  In our old family room, bright red made an interesting statement on a vintage wooden table when paired with shades of aqua, baby blue and turquoise.  Has Independence Day inspired you to incorporate red, white and blue into your space?  If so, check out David Bromstad’s patriotic Pinterest board for even more red, white and blue spaces!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Fourth, full of friends, fireworks and freedom!