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Welcome to Embrace My Space!  I created this blog as a place to share my love for all things home design with my fellow enthusiasts.  My hope is that anyone in the midst of their own home journey will stop by for design inspiration, decorating tips and DIY tricks.

But, I have a confession…..part of my inspiration for creating this blog is the one that got away.  This one:

My first house.  Located in a charming Western Pennsylvania neighborhood we lovingly refer to as “The Square,” my husband and I bought it in the summer of 2010.  When we first walked through I hated it.  Another disappointing old house with beat up walls, small closets and dingy carpet.  But then we decided to go back for a second showing and something clicked.  It was love at second sight and we bought the place.  There we were, two twenty-something attorneys, recently engaged and owners of an old brick house.  We did it!

After two years and an incomprehensible number of trips to Lowe’s (for who knows what that we were never able to find) and TJ Maxx (for nothing and, apparently, everything!) we transformed our old brick house into a lovely little home full of personal touches worthy of a feature on the design lover’s website Houzz.  We loved it!

Suddenly, in the midst of my home design high, life happened. My husband got a job offer he couldn’t pass up and we found ourselves having to relocate about five hours due east to the suburbs of Philadelphia.  We put our house on the market, packed up every last bit of the place into a 26 foot moving truck and began the next chapter of our lives via the Pennsylvania turnpike.  After a two-year homeowner’s honeymoon, we are squatting in my husband’s childhood home with his parents until we find our next place.

My love affair with my first home ended abruptly.  We had come so far, but there was still so much to be done!  Aside from being a forum for sharing my love for all things home design, Embrace My Space will be a place for me to revisit some of the projects that went down at my first place.  A tribute of sorts to the one that got away, as well as a coping mechanism for my (hopefully) temporary case of home design withdrawal.  I hope you stop by every now and again to see what I’m up to and to find inspiration for projects that will help you to embrace your own spaces!

Did you have a first home you loved that got away?  Are you currently working on projects in your first home?  I’d love to hear all of your love stories and the tearful (or happy!) endings!